Step aside, France.

There’s a new wine sheriff in town.

Well, not exactly new. Spain has been producing some of the best bottles for quite a while now, and tourists from all over are hopping on the grape train.

Where is that train heading?

Right to Jumilla.

This province in the Murcia region of Spain has been making wine for centuries. It has recently gained international notoriety in the wine-making world.

Jumilla wine is some of the best in the whole country.

Read on to discover how you can pay a visit to this area and which wines are worth a taste.

The Rise of the Wine World in Jumilla, Spain

The art of winemaking in Jumilla, Spain actually dates back to the Roman occupation of the area. 

The climate here in the southeast of Spain is dry and sizzling hot, but grapes still manage to flourish during the season.

Though wine has been made here for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that the place underwent a major makeover and skyrocketed in popularity.

An outbreak of phylloxera struck nearby France, decimating the crop there and causing a large demand for Jumilla wine.

This increased business exponentially, but in the late 80s, Jumilla sadly succumbed to the pestilence as well. However, Jumilla winemakers weren’t down for long.

They rallied, modernizing their process and techniques to ultimately make a better product.

The government noticed that, and in 1996, they received a DO. This official “Denomination of Origin” designates Jumilla as the region where the wine was made. It also indicates that certain quality standards have been met.

Jumilla now has a reputation as a producer of young yet quite elegant wines.

Information on Wineries in Jumilla, Spain

There are more wineries in Jumilla, Spain than you can shake a grapevine at.

These, in particular, stand out as pilgrims of modern technique and innovative ideas in the community.

Bodegas El Nido

The El Nido project is a relatively new winery. It’s the result of a collaboration between an Australian Enologist and the Gil Family of Spain.

Bodegas El Nido is where the famous Clio wine was born. Here you’ll find nearly 77 sprawling acres of Monastrell grapes, along with nearly 30 acres of aged Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bodegas Hacienda del Carche

The Hacienda del Carche underwent major reconstruction recently. It incorporated natural building materials like wood and marble to attain the perfect processing temperature in the winery.

These vineyards also grow olives and produce some very fine olive oil. You can taste both the wine and the olive oil (along with a pairing of meats and cheese) on a visit to the plantation.

Bodegas Silvano Garcia

The bodegas of Silvano Garcia have truly withstood the test of time. Built in 1925, this vineyard produces some of the most quality wines in Jumilla.

Grapes range from white Macabeo and Moscatel to red Monastrell. The wines range from red, white and rose in both dry and sweet.

Take a Wine Tour in Jumilla, Spain

The Jumilla Wine Route is becoming ever more popular with fans.

That’s not really a surprise, considering that many vineyards along the way offer world-class wines in a classy atmosphere.

What’s the best way to see it?

One option is to book a wine tour with a trusted provider. These will generally be for a day, during which you can explore a vineyard and participate in a guided tasting.

Wine tours generally include lunch, and some include a nice traditional dinner at the end of the day.

It’s important to check and make sure that your tour includes transportation. If it doesn’t, you may have to hire a taxi to take you to the pickup point.

Keep in mind that tours in English are often booked for months in advance, so do your research and book ahead of time.

Enjoy the Best Jumilla, Spain Wine at Home and Abroad

Jumilla wine is at the perfect point in its career.

While not as popular as some of the other regional wines like Rioja, it’s still a great product. This means you’ll get a bottle of good quality wine at a better price than the more famous brands.

If you can’t travel all the way to Spain to taste them, don’t worry.

Some of the best ones are available for purchase online:

  • Bodegas El Nido Clio: The Clio wine is incomparable as far as price, $35 per bottle. This dark, rich Monastrell wine pairs perfectly with meats like goat and lamb.
  • Bodegas Juan Gil Blue Label: The Blue Label from Juan Gil is perfectly priced at $23 per bottle. It’s a perfect blend of Monastrell, Cabernet, and Syrah grapes.
  • Casa Castillo Las Gravas: Las Gravas is a fetchingly rich Cabernet Sauvignon, going at just $29 per bottle.

Visit Jumilla, Spain as Fast as You Can

Seriously. Soon it will be too famous, and they’ll stop letting people in.

Just kidding.

Even though that probably won’t happen, it’s a good idea to plan your visit before Jumilla pops up on the world wine radar.

So go ahead, relax, and get your wine in Jumilla.

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