Spain is an enticing destination for even the most seasoned traveler.

Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have time to see everything.

The rolling mountains of Valencia, the breathtaking architecture of Barcelona — where will you get the best experience?

Well, you don’t exactly have to choose.

You could visit El Pueblo Español. Literally translated as “The Spanish Town”, this little village is a truly remarkable place.

Here is where the spirit of Spain and all its facets come together, forming a single community powered by the desire for cultural celebration and preservation.

What exactly does that mean?

Basically, you can visit the whole country in one village.

Read on to discover why the village was made, and explore all the possibilities which lie in a trip to this tiny town.

Explore Art and Architecture at El Pueblo Español 

Built in 1929, the pueblo was constructed near Barcelona for an international exhibition designed to inform, educate, and highlight the best of Spain for visitors.

A large part of this Spanish village is dedicated to showcasing the widely varied art and architecture of native designers.

Here you’ll be awed by the collection of art in the Fran Daurel Foundation, featuring beloved artists like Miró, Picasso and even Salvador Dali. The foundation also boasts an outdoor sculpture garden with 36 sculptures.

Each building in the village is a carefully crafted replica of architectural design from each region in the country.

The range of styles includes an Andalusian quarter, Castilian, and Aragonese buildings, a Basque avenue and everything in between. It makes for an eye-opening walk down the bustling streets.

But art and architecture aren’t the only things that draw the eye here in El Pueblo Español.

Discover A World of Crafts at El Pueblo Español

One of the most charming qualities of the village is its attitude towards craftspeople and their wares.

Here, the arts are celebrated in over 40 workshops around the village. These feature the classic crafts from different regions and include glassblowing, handmade jewelry, and embroidery among other things.

But that’s not all.

Music and theater are highly valued here, and you’ll be able to hear that as soon as you enter the pueblo.

There are a number of physical performances both on the street and in plazas and restaurants. These are classic theater and music like flamenco, as well as puppet shows and dances.

The wide variety of options here means you’ll never get bored — but you might get hungry. What should you do when your mid-afternoon munchies set in?

El Pueblo Español Provides Enchanting Culinary Delights

El Pueblo Español offers an entire continent’s worth of culinary experiences for you.

Check out these restaurants for varied delicacies:

  • Catalonian food: Head to La Font de Prades for great service, traditional Catalonian food and homemade sangria. Customers rave about the bread (gluten-free bread is available and divine) and wild mushroom pie.
  • Tapas tasting: Wine & Tapas del Duero is the most highly-rated restaurant in the village. Stop here for an entertaining snack, but be prepared for your meal to stretch for hours — the staff is attentive, the wine is exciting, and the tapas are delicious.
  • Andalucian food: for the best of Andalucía, step into Patio Cordobes. Here you’ll encounter delicious Iberico pork, Andalucian-style salads, and superb desserts which melt in your mouth. Customers loved the cozy patio atmosphere and wine selection.

If you’re planning on staying the whole day down in the village, keep in mind that snacks and picnics are allowed on the main plaza.

Planning Your Visit to El Pueblo Español

Once you decide to visit the pueblo, you’ll need to get down to the nitty-gritty of your visit. It’s important to have some information beforehand.

How to Get There

The village generally opens around 9 AM and closing times vary with each season. To get there, you’ll want to hop on public transportation to avoid an expensive private taxi fare:

  • Metro: Take line 1 or line 3 to Plaza Espanya. From there, you can walk or catch a different bus to the village.
  • Bus: If the day is particularly hot, consider taking a bus all the way to the entrance. Buses 150, 13, and 23 will take you there directly.

Alternatively, Uber is available for those with cell phone access.

When to Go

Get Your Guide recommends going during the morning in the warm months of summer, or on a mild spring afternoon.

Because the summer is the height of the season, you’ll be exposed to more during this time. The outdoor cinema is open, and concerts are held regularly.

El Pueblo Español Offers the Complete Cultural Package

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Barcelona, El Pueblo Español (or Poble Espanyol, in the Catalan language) is one of the best places you can visit.

Stroll through this quaint village as you explore the heart and soul of Spain, and enjoy the learning experience that this dynamic place provides.

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