Thinking about spending some time in Barcelona?

This hub of cultural activity will enchant even the most well-traveled tourist.

It can seem like there’s just too many things to see in a short vacation. You want to take it all in, but you don’t want to spend too much time hopping between activities.

Luckily, L’Eixample is here to help.

This district in Catalonia (literally translated as “ The Expansion”) offers the best of all worlds.

Here you’ll find classic Spanish art surrounded by the awe-inspiring architecture that Spain has come to be known for.

You can wander through these streets for hours on end, exploring designer shops and getting lost among the terraced cafes. And of course, no trip to the Eixample would be complete without a culinary experience.

We know it can be a lot to take in.

Luckily, we’ve created this guide to show you how to have the best experience possible as you dive into this dynamic district.

Find a District of Culture L’Eixample

The “new town” is well known for its modernist-style architecture and its plethora of art galleries.

These two facets come together in a truly inspirational way, serving to make L’Eixample one of the best of the Barcelona districts. 

So what’s not to be missed here?

1. Gaudi’s Work Outlines the District

Spain’s most beloved architect Antoni Gaudí has left his mark in L’Eixample.

Here you’ll find the famous Sagrada Familia, a towering cathedral meant to make you gasp in wonder.

Stroll through the “block of discord” on the Passeig de Gracià to see his Casa Mila, a wondrous building with not a single straight line running through it.

2. Don’t Miss these Galleries

Galleries here exist in a range of styles. Highlights include the Jordi Pascual, featuring art by such maestros as Dali, Picasso, and Miro.

Galeria Toni Tàpies is a gallery featuring the work of Tàpies and other painters. It also serves as a cultural center and a museum to educate the public about Spanish art heritage.

3. Walk the Golden Triangle

Walk the Golden Triangle, a diagonal walkway bordered by the streets Bruc, Aragó and Aribau. Here you’ll find a virtual museum of architecture right on the city streets.

There are quite a few blocks to meander through, and you may find yourself lost among this 20th-century moderniste fantasy.

Don’t Miss 3 Fine Shopping Opportunities in L’Eixample

Tired of walking?

Stop for some shopping.

1. Exclusive Clothes

As you stroll down the Passeig de Gracià, consider stopping in to the Santa Eulalia. This boutique-style clothing store has been offering the most prestigious of choices since its opening in 1843.

It’s an exclusive and exquisite choice for getting some new digs in Barcelona.

2. Binge-Worthy Travel Books

Book-lovers can stop in at Altaïr. This homey shop is a fantasyland of travel literature, containing everything from maps to guides to inspiring stories.

Here you can relax among the books, or take your purchase to the café for some light reading.

3. Fine Accessories

Head to Loewe for all things leather. Shoes, purses, briefcases, belts — luxurious leather from Loewe is a staple of Barcelona’s elite. Here you can also shop for finer accessories like perfume, sunglasses and silken scarves.

Experience the Culinary Delights of L’Eixample

Spanish food is divine. You’ll find the best of it at the Eixample, Barcelona.

Check out these restaurants for an enchanting culinary experience you’ll never forget:

  • Alkimia: Alkimia has been blessed with chef Jordi Vilà and subsequently, a Michelin star. Make reservations in advance to ensure you get a table at Eixample’s hottest restaurant. The focus here is on Catalonian cuisine as a creation from fresh and local produce. Try the house-made bread, salads, and a myriad of seasonal dishes.
  • Cinc Sentis: Cinc Sentis (Five Senses) has a Michelin star as well. Chef Jordi Artal takes a strong modern position on Catalonian fare. The restaurant offers no ala carte menu, instead choosing to focus on the two tasting menus in order to improve the quality of the fare and the general experience. The food is layered with complexities, subtle flavorings and a big dose of loving pride.
  • Bar Mut: No trip to L’Eixample would be complete without a tasting of classic Spanish tapas, and Bar Mut delivers this and more. Here, there are no menus, just a friendly conversation with attentive waitstaff explaining your personal preferences and dietary requirements. Then, a feast tailored to fit your tastes is delivered to the table. 
  • Dry Martini: The district is also home to some great cocktail bars. Try a variety of signature cocktails at Dry Martini, a sensual speakeasy ranked as one of the top 50 bars in the entire world.

L’Eixample Offers an Experience Not to be Missed

Don’t miss all the experiences that L’Eixample has to offer. From fine dining to exquisite art and shopping sprees fit for a king, there’s something to pique your interest here.

This district is truly one of the finest in all of Spain.

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