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Barcelona Spain is a popular travel destination, thanks to its visually captivating architecture, fantastic cuisine, and nightlife. One of the jewels of Barcelona is its three-mile stretch of sandy beaches which beckon to those drawn to its beauty. Visitors to Barcelona Spain beaches can enjoy sunbathing, exercising, people watching, or relaxing with a beer and snacks in hand.

Whether you are a professional beach bum, traveling with family, or are looking to mix with locals and tourists alike, there is an ideal beach for you to visit.

Barcelona enjoys mostly sunny days for most of the year, making it a premier destination with a carnival atmosphere.

Visiting Barcelona

The barcelona in spain and the attractions

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, a thriving international metropolis, and home to over 2 million people.  Here, you will hear Catalan and Spanish spoken, as Barcelona is a bilingual city. Historical buildings from ancient Rome dating back to the 4th century and preserved buildings from the medieval period stand alongside modern structures.

When you are not having fun in the sun, learning Catalan, shopping, or grabbing a drink, enjoy the cutting-edge modern art and fashion. Barcelona is a thriving city filled with people from all walks of life, including innovative, creative types. The city comes alive even more at night, complements of its bars and clubs.

Barcelona does have a Mediterranean feel, unlike other parts of Spain. When you want a change of pace, France is not too far away, and the stretch of picturesque beaches have an incredible draw about them. After spending time at some of Barcelona’s beaches, make an effort to enjoy all of the fantastic cuisines, and take in the history and culture of Catalonia.

How We Choose Our Ratings

Star rating and services

We created this list of some of the top beaches to visit in Barcelona Spain using reviews from locals and tourists. Beach locations were selected for amenities like bars, toilets, rentals for bikes, surfboards, and popularity.

We also made sure to include Barcelona Spain beaches that were more appropriate for families or destinations that were less populated for travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Barcelona and nearby cities offer some gorgeous beaches that you must see to believe, and we wanted to ensure this list provides an excellent range of choice locations.

Top 10 Beaches In Barcelona Spain

Brick Wall And Beach

There are plenty of things to do at the various Barcelona Spain beaches, from windsurfing, catching up on your tan, or leisurely sipping a cocktail.  All of the listed locations have something to offer, based on their historical backstory, colorful visitors, or attractions.

Barceloneta Beach

Nova Mar Bella

Garraf Beach

Ocata Beach

Nova Icaria

Saint Sebastia

Saint Miquel

Llevant Beach

Beach Castelldefels

Montgat Beach

Buyer’s Guide

Know before you go what to expect at your beach destination. If you are traveling with small children, you might want to choose a quieter beach or one that is filled with life, hawkers, musicians, and people watching.

Learn how long it will take to get to the beach you want to visit, and plan out the costs and method of travel. Ask yourself if you are willing to pack a lunch if you need to rent specific equipment, or what amenities are nearby before you leave your accommodations.

Barcelona has a rich history, and the beaches that are frequented by locals and tourists are an integral part of experiencing Spain.

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