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If you fancy a trip to Barcelona Spain, there is so much to experience regarding architecture, art, food, and culture. The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona speaks both Catalan and Spanish and is proud of its rich heritage.

Prepare to eat lunch around 3 pm and dinner no earlier than 9 pm when visiting restaurants. Caution should be taken when traveling along the narrow streets, as noise can echo and disturb residents. Expect crowds everywhere in Barcelona, as the city is a destination for people around the world. When you can, purchase tickets to events or must-see attractions in advance.

Ideally, the best time to visit Barcelona is in the early summer or fall. For the most part, Barcelona enjoys a temperate climate, but it can be hot and humid in July and August. People who enjoy swimming at the beach will love that the water is still warm up until early October.

Visitors will want to be cautious about traveling to Barcelona in August, as it is high tourist season from nearby European countries. Many shops may close their doors for a holiday when the weather is ideal, and waiting until last minute to book a hotel can prove folly.

Barcelona is an international city that caters to tourism year-round, so there is always something to do in the metropolis. Many popular Barcelona Spain attractions that have long lines of visitors, so plan to beat the crowds by purchasing tickets ahead of time.

How We Choose Our Ratings

Tibidado Giant Ferris Wheel

We investigated the merit of attractions based on their historical significance, reviews from locals and tourists, and their intrinsic value to Barcelona. We wanted to compile a list of Barcelona Spain attractions that we felt were bucket list worthy, and gave travelers a well-rounded experience of Barcelona Spain.

Top 10 Attractions to See in Barcelona Spain

Arena Barcelona

If you want to get a feel for Barcelona, you will want to at least check out some of these top attractions on our list. There is something for everyone, with many budget-friendly options, architectural gems, and places to grab a bite to eat or souvenir.


La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Mercat de la Bouqueria en La Rambla

Mirador de Colom

Santa Maria del Mar

Montjuic Castle

Casa Batllo

Park Guell

Barceloneta Beach

Camp Nou & FC Barcelona Museum

Buyer’s Guide

You know you won’t have time to see everything, but you can plan out your itinerary around visiting some key locations of interest. Give yourself plenty of time for the best Barcelona Spain attractions which may require standing in line, paying for tickets, or have set visiting hours.

Make the most of your visit to Barcelona by fully immersing yourself in the language, music, food, and people. Barcelona is home to many UNESCO heritage sites, ancient ruins from the Roman empire, and divine food options. You don’t have to break your bank to enjoy the capital city of Catalonia if you know where to find the best deals for food, fun, and shopping.

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