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Spain. The word conjures up images of Flamenco dancers and bullfights. But there’s much more to Spain than that. At, we’ve brought together all the information you need to be able to plan for your trip of a lifetime.

What You’ll Learn at

When we developed this site, we wanted to show you as much of Spain as we possibly could. Sure, we’ve got information about the usual tourist stops but we’ve also added some must-see-places that you might not be aware of.

Within our pages, you’ll find information on Spain’s culture, history, weather, crime, industry, and currency. We’ve also given you some recommendations for films and books about Spain, and we’ve listed the annual festivals and holidays so that you can time your trip just right.

There’s certainly a few celebrations to choose from in Spain:

  • Carnival celebrations
  • Balearic Day
  • St. Josephs Day
  • Holy Week
  • Festival of the Crosses
  • Granada International Festival of Music and Dance
  • Running of the Bulls (San Fermin)
  • La Merce
  • Fires de Sant Narcis
  • Fallas Bonfire Festival
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cadiz
  • April Fair
  • La Tomatina
  • Moors and Christians
  • San Sebastian Film Festival

Our section about the various regions and cities in Spain include:

  • Andalucia – Seville, Granada, Malaga
  • Green Spain – Santiago del Compostela, San Sebastian, Bilbao
  • Central Spain – Madrid, Toledo
  • Mediterranean Spain – Barcelona, Valencia
  • Balearic Islands – Majorca, Ibiza
  • Canary Islands
  • Costa del Sol
  • Pamplona
  • Granada
  • Santiago de Compostela

If you intend to visit all our world heritage cities, you’re going to need transport, so we’ve included a section about Spain rail passes and driving a car in Spain.

Spain’s Culture, Art, and Architecture

As you know, Spain has many monuments and culturally important sites to visit. These include Park Guell, the Temple of Debod, ElPueblo Espanol, Las Ventas Bullring, La Sagrada Familia, Gran Liceu Theatre, Puerta del Sol, and L’Eixample.

Spain is known for the beauty of its architecture and buildings, and at, we have a section dedicated to the most popular of these. We showcase the Prado Museum, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Sagrada Familia, the Great Mosque, the Aqueduct, and the City of Arts and Science.

Our Promise to You

We know we’ve given you a lot of information about Spain and the website but we have even more to talk about. We promise that we would give you as much information as possible, in one place, to save you from scouring the internet for hours.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our section where we tell you about the most popular wine routes.

  • The Rias Baixas Wine Route
  • La Rioja Alavesa Wine Route
  • Jumilla Wine Route
  • Navarre Wine Route
  • Penedes and Cava Wine Routes
  • Montilla-Moriles Wine Route

Spain is a country of beauty, culture, and history, and we know that when you leave after your visit, you’ll already be planning your next trip back.

Meet the Team

Corrine Ortega

Corrine Ortega

Chief Editor

My mother is from Mexico, and though she speaks excellent English, she was committed to making sure my siblings and I spoke fluent Spanish. Because she was a teacher in Mexico, she made sure we were fully educated in the language and didn’t just speak “Abuela Spanish,” as she called it. 

In college, I got my degree in technical writing. I enjoy vacationing, mostly in the U.S., but also visiting my relatives in Mexico every chance I get. Like most people of Spanish descent, I made my pilgrimage to Spain and love the country. 

Nadine Burnett

Nadine Burnett

Junior Editor

When I was in college, I studied English Literature and Creative Writing. I got the chance to spend a year studying abroad, and I chose Spain. Little did I know how that year would change my life. I fell head over heels in love with Spain, the Spanish culture, and the Spanish people. 

 After college, I went to work for a book publishing company and eventually started writing and editing for online publications. I travel every chance I get, and of course, Spain is one of my favorite destinations.

Vicki Bradshaw

Vicki Bradshaw

Travel Expert

 I grew up as a military brat. I was born to American parents in Germany, but I spent my life between ages 2 and 17 in Spain before my family moved back to the U.S.

In college, I got my degree in business administration with a minor in Spanish. I spent two years of my college life in Spain and lived there for three years after finishing college. My husband is from Spain and we live in the U.S. now, but we travel to Spain at least twice per year. 

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